Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 7

As the first day back at our place Pilgrim and his buddy Magic have settled in well.  Except when i woke up to go feed them, Magic was gone and the gait was wide open.  Whe i found him he was eating grass next to my cremello Maverick.  So my little sister haltered him and brought him back to the corral.  Pilgrim was excited to be reunited with his buddy.  He's done really well untill today, he just didn't want to lunge.  But after a while, and a little help over the phone from some friends he learned just what exactly i was asking him to do.  So that afternnon we took Pilgrim and Magic to Cowboy Church with us.  They were a big hit among the little kids.  One little girls asked me if she could ride him.  That afternoon Pilgrim didn't tug on the halter one bit, i was so proud of our accomplishment!  When it was time to leave, i showed a little girl how to load him in the trailer, and so this 6 year old child loaded my mustang on the 7th day of training!  He really is turning out to be wonderfull horse!


  1. Hi Michelle! You've done a great job designing your blog! Pilgrim looks great. Keep up the good work

  2. Hi! I'm Diane, Rachel's sister! Sweet blog. It'll be nice to finally meet you at the makeover this year.

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