Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Relay and Me

Turned Jesse into a reindeer for Christmas!
Haven't posted anything in a while, been busy with m horses.  Jesse James has been doing fabulous in his now life of leisure and Relay is a wonderful horse to go riding by myself on.  Enjoy the pictures, couldn't have asked for any better mustangs!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Family Pictures

Jesse's in this year Deden Family picture.

Little 'accidental' Liberty.

Everyone loves a little hug from Jesse.


My lil' Jesse relaxing.

Never hurts to review the basics.
Jesse has had plenty of off time so my family decided to add him into our Christmas picture.  He's such a sweet little guy.  He's getting up there on height too! He's almost as tall as me now!

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2012

Since I've taken Jesse home he has had a lot of free time to roam around.  Since I've been busy with my senior year Jesse's roaming around with other horses doing what mustangs do best.  Pulled him out one day.  He's still amazing if not even more amazing than the last time, I couldn't ask for better mustangs.  Jesse James and all the other mustangs are happy as can be.

 Relay and I go on long rides every weekend.  He is an amazing mustang, I put my reins down every time we go riding an just guide him with my legs.  You can't ask for any better horse.
My Jesse.

Jesse did pretty good with me standing on him.

Little side-passing

 More jumps!

Little tired.

Epic jump!

Hand stands and Horses!

Teaching Jesse it's alright for me to be up here.

Relay and Me

Trying new things. Relay is so calm.

Jesse over jumps!

Jesse jumps anything, little and big.

Big jump!

He's such a pro!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hoof Prince or in other words "Hoop Prince"

The infamous Hoof Prince and Jennifer!  The lovely pair were so cute together!  I'm so proud of little Jennifer! She trained him all by herself.  I just found this video of him before the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover 2012.  Isn't he just a doll?  This mustang sure loved this little girl!  They went well together.  It takes a special horse to learn from a little girl and learn well like he did!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wild Horse and Burro Expo 2012!

The Wild Horse and Burro EWxpo is an event free of chanrge for all BLM Wild Mustangs run by the Adopt-A-Horse Program.  Along with the showcasing of the adopted mustags, they also offer wild horses for adoption.

Our Mustangs did really good this past weekend.

Jennifer & Jesse James got first place in Youth Showmanship and 6th in Yearling Trail.
Virginia & Bucephalus got 6th place in youth showmanship.
Virginia & Relay got 5th in western pleasure, 5th in barrel racing and 6th in pole bending.
Then you have me.  As I am 17 years old, I had to compete in the adult classes.  It was tough, but my horses still worked really hard and did really good for me.  I can always rely on my mustangs to be there for me.  Jesse James & I got 2nd in adult showmanship & first in yearling trail!  Very proud of my little boy!  He was so good everybody loved him!  I also competed on Relay, we got 4th in Adult Trail, 6th in poles and 5th in barrels.  Very proud of him too! He's never done poles or barrels before but he was such an amazing horse I love my mustangs so much!

This weekend also marked Bucephalus's new life away from me, I'll miss him dearly, but I know he's happy where he is now. 

Also, there was a huge costume contest where we dress up our horses!  Jennifer wanted Jesse to be a dragon so we made a dragon costume for Jesse to wear and a princes costume for Jennifer.  It was quite adorable.  We ended up laying him down and getting so memorable photo's of the two of them.  Jesse really has become a part of our family.  I hope I get to keep him for a long long time.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jesse James Makes Top 5 out of 66 Youth!

Jesse running away with the loot!

Jesse did absolutely fabulous in Fort Worth! This year the two of us made the finals and showed off all our hard work.  I am very proud of him and he's an amazing little horse!

I also wanted to share what an amazing job ALL of the youth did! My little sister got 5th place in her age division and her horse went to a wonderful new home in California.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover 2012 Preliminaries!

My little sister Jennifer getting ready to show Hoof Prince.

Jennifer showing Hoof Prince in the Pattern Class.

Jesse and I entering the arena.

Jesse backing up in the pattern class.

The ANTICIPATION who will make the top 20 in the finals?

The Extreme Mustang Makeover Trailer.

Well after two days of competing i'm am proud to say that Jesse and I made it in to the Top 20! Actually we even made it into the top ten! Which means tomorrow morning we will be competing for $15,000. Wish us luck!

Also very proud of ALL the youth and ALL their mustangs! Everybody did a wonderful job and congratulations to those who made it to the Top 20!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Mustang Madness" Day 115

For my job as Mustang Trainer Representative, I try to get the word out about mustangs as best as I can.  So today my friends and family brought our Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover horses to our Cowboy Church and did a little demonstration with them. With only a little over a week left before the competition, this was great exposure for our young horses.  All of the horses did an awesome job and everybody was very impressed with how far we had come with them in such a short time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 98 Missouri

Decided to try some new things out while we were in Missouri on our way back to Texas.  He seemed pretty cool about everything I threw at him so lets hope he has that same attitude next month in Forth Worth!