Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2012

Since I've taken Jesse home he has had a lot of free time to roam around.  Since I've been busy with my senior year Jesse's roaming around with other horses doing what mustangs do best.  Pulled him out one day.  He's still amazing if not even more amazing than the last time, I couldn't ask for better mustangs.  Jesse James and all the other mustangs are happy as can be.

 Relay and I go on long rides every weekend.  He is an amazing mustang, I put my reins down every time we go riding an just guide him with my legs.  You can't ask for any better horse.
My Jesse.

Jesse did pretty good with me standing on him.

Little side-passing

 More jumps!

Little tired.

Epic jump!

Hand stands and Horses!

Teaching Jesse it's alright for me to be up here.

Relay and Me

Trying new things. Relay is so calm.

Jesse over jumps!

Jesse jumps anything, little and big.

Big jump!

He's such a pro!

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