Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 83 and 17th Year!

By the title, one might think "thought Jesse was a yearling?" well yes he is.  But today was a little more than just another day in Jesse's training.  It's my 17th birthday and it sure felt like Jesse knew it.  He did such a fabulous job for me today.  It's like he knew that today was my birthday.

Started off working on a little finishing up on his walking and trotting beside me, he kept on trying to leave me so we worked on teaching him to stay right beside me.  He learned really quickly.  Then we moved on to directing his feet where I want them to go, we had him even go over some challenging obstacles in the process. After that I loped him around a while trying to develop and condition his muscles.  He's looking a lot better than last month.  Then we went onto the pedestool, he got right on there no problem! Afterwards I let him role around in the arena and gave him a little treat for being such a good boy!

You know it's a good birthday when you're spending it with these two!

For my birthday a nice girl by the name of Hannah made this amazing design of Jesse for me, I thought it was so awesome I couldn't NOT share it!

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