Thursday, October 31, 2013

BLM Expo 2013

Although I personally couldn't go to the Wild Horse and Burro Expo this year, my mom and sisters went and had a great time.  Virginia competed in EVERYTHING she could POSSIBLY compete in with the mustangs.  She placed pretty well in everything too!  Lighting performed quite well in English too!  That and my sisters had a great time making and re-using props for the costume contest!

Virginia and Lighting in English

A Dittmer boy helping my sister with her saddle.

Jennfer and Lightning

My sisters and my 'Stangs

Waiting her Turn

Somebody's Bored...?

Switching Head-stalls

Virginia and Relay barrel racing.

Larry-boy? Plunger girl?

Knight in Shinning Armour, Trusty Steed, and....Dragon?

Costume Contest

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