Saturday, August 31, 2013

End-of-August Goodbyes 2013

So at the end of August my horse career has  put on hold with college and all.  But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun every now and then!  Aladdin is by far one of the smartest horses I've ever worked with!  He's cunning, agile and backs up like a dream!  I'm so proud of how he and my little sister Virginia have bonded and made such a wonderful relationship!

Aladdin on the See-saw

Virginia and her Prince Ali
Mom and Pickles have been doing pretty good as well.  He's had a good bit of down-time but that hasn't stopped the two of them from really working hard to make up for it.  His pivots look great and he does everything my mom asks him to do.

Mom and Pickles on the Pedestal

With saying good-bye to all my pretty boys for a few months I got my family to take some pictures of me and my boys.  This is Lightning Bolt.  I adopted him when I was 8 years old and he in now 11.  He was the very first wild mustang I have ever worked with and I have learned so much from him.  This big grey has grown up to be a huge role in my life and how it has played out now.

My Lightning

Just Chillin'

Virginia and Lightning
 Of course my quarter horse Rascal.  After Pilgrim, my first Extreme Mustang Makeover yearling back in 2011, Rascal became my new project.  Since then he has become my do-it-all pony and I'm very proud of this little Center-E-Ranch horse.
Little Texas Tech Spirit with Ol' Rascal

We are trying so new riding techniques. ;)
 Then you have the famous Jesse James!  Where would I be without my Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover horse?  This guy is growing up so fast.  Every time I turn around he's gaining a few more inches on me.  He's going to be one heck of a riding companion though!  He's still the best with those sliding stops.  Can't wait to start feeling them under-saddle.

Single Barrel with the famous Jesse James

Can someone say...woah!


My Maverick
Going to miss all my horses but my education comes first!  I'm sure when I 'll see then it'll be all the better.

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