Friday, August 2, 2013

End of July 2013 Update

Hey Guys! Been a while since I had access to a computer so I just have some catching up to do.  Well July is coming to a closing and these guys are working super hard in preparation for the Mustang Million.
Virginia and Aladdin have come a long way since day one.  She now had him trotting in-hand, pivoting, sidestepping, loading in the trailer, jumping over barrels backing through "L"s and much more!
Jennifer and Larry are doing great as well!  Lately, they've been working on some trail patterns and practicing their showmanship.  Larry and Jennifer couldn't be a more perfect pair!  Larry even learned how to side-step towards her on que!  There are some other neat stuff they have been working on, but I don't want to spoil their freestyle so you all will just have to wait and see!
My mom and Pickles have been doing great as well, he had an injury a few weeks ago so he's been getting a lot of down-time lately but they are back to work again and moving along wonderfully!
In other new Jesse James is doing fantastic! I've started "light" rides on Jesse and I'm very please with how wonderfully he's done.  More pictures to come in the following weeks.

Virginia working on her trot.

Virginia got a nice little stop out of her yearling.

What a cute pair! Jennifer and Larry go everywhere together!

Where'd everybody go?

Mom and Pickles

Staring Contest! Think Jenni's winning!

They are in-step and everything! They sure work well together!

Trotting over the poles.

Pivot in the box.

Oh Virginia. These two are a character!

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