Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 20

Sorry the picture is so dark! The camera was having a lot of trouble, it's actually like 4pm in the picture.  But there were huge clouds overhead so it kind of overshadowed my pictures.  Pilgrim is the brown horse following my horse Rascal.  We were in the lake a long time before the camera came to take pics.  And then when the camera got there...Pilgrim would get into the water! He wouldn't even follow Rascal like he'd been doing all afternoon! It was so funny! I guess he just doesn't like his picture to be take...even though we have hundred of picture of him at this point!

Pilgrim did much better with the electric shaver too! He let me shave all of the wiskers around his eyes.  Though he's taking the idea of the razor slowly, he trusts me enough to put a sharp vibrating thing on his face! He did so well with picking up his feet too! It overall was a great day for him! So as a reward for such good behavior, I let him out of the pen.  Tonight he's eating grass on 800 acres with his newfound friend Rascal(pictured above) and his buddy Magic.

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