Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 22

Today Pilgrim and I got some help from Diane Sanford.  Diane Sanford is a horse judge that came out and gave us some pointers on how to show our horses. We tried on a new kind of halter, trotted through cones, learned the quarter system on where to stand when your horse is being judged, worked on squaring up the horse, backed up through a complicated shoot, and Mrs. Sanford even taught me how to teach Pilgrim how to sidestep.  Pilgrim's coming along really nicely, though I think he was a little tired and cranky from the long day he had yesterday at the Ranch Horse Clinic.
This is Jennifer and her mustang makeover horse Magic getting help from Mrs. Diane Sanford...that horse did really well for Jennifer today.  And Jennifer was really proud of his performance too!

The mustangs are both coming along very nicely! I think even Diane Sanford was impressed with how broke our two little mustangs were! Her help sure gave us a boost on our training.  I had know idea how to show a horse, or what to wear while doing it.  For two tired horses, I think they are putting out a great name for America's wild horses.

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