Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2nd Week of Employment

As the second week of employment I've been working hard on on digging up information about a "different" way of describing the America's free-roaming horses' history.  Don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'll just hint it has a little bit to do with Christopher Columbus and the first horses brought to America on his second voyage in 1493.

I've also gotten in touch with one miss Carly Berkman who is just so interested in what I'm doing with the wild horses.  I even heard a little bit about Pilgrim.  Turns out he's the big pet of the ranch! As sweet as can be! And the farrier loves him because he's the easiest to trim. Although they don't shoe him.  Apparently my now two year old Pilgrim has grown a bit too!  Sorry no pictures.  That and according the the ranch manager, Pilgrim is the center of attention every time Carly comes to visit.

Besides that i'm just planning my summer around the training of horse #318.  That and my sister decided on a name for her little mustang.  She's going to call him Hoof Prince.  I personally thought it was pretty cute and very suiting of the little sorrel she adopted a couple weeks ago.  I've never seen my little sister so excited about anything before!  She's even tried making her own blog!  Which for a ten year old is not an easy task!  She hasn't done much with her blog so far but it's jennifermustangmakeover.blogspot.com she is my little sister and I support her with anything she decides to do.  She truly loves her mustangs.  Just look at little Firefly and her in this picture...she definitely is one of the cutest ten year old's you will ever meet! Oh and that's Firefly, her mustang.  He never really got a growth spurt but he's actually 3-4 year old now. He's pretty cute and as you can tell by the picture she just loves him.  Maybe one day she'll be a Mustang Trainer Representative?

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