Thursday, May 3, 2012

3rd Week as Mustang Trainer Representative

Well time is closing in on me, only nine days left until my my family and I meet the new mustangs.  It seems everyone is getting excited about pick-up day for the yearlings.  Although they have now made a new option to pick-up the yearlings on this Thursday, we will still be picking the horses up on Friday because of convenience and I wouldn't want to miss anymore than need be of my last few weeks as a Juinior in High School!  Those are the best ones!

Finished my history paper on wild mustangs too!  Did you know that the Native Americans didn't have horses until the Spanish Conquistadors came to America?  Oh what a wonderful research paper it turned out to be!  I can't wait to share it with you next week after it gets reviewed by the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

Carly called me this week too!  She is so sweet!  I told her all about what I'd done this past weekend at the ranch and she is just the sweetest girl in the world!  Speaking of my weekend, one of my dad's clients brought two mustangs back to our place so I tried to make them feel right at home.  And if anybody is interested in giving either of these sweet horses a new home just let me know!
This is Pershing(Left) and Blue Jeans(Right)

 Above are some pictures of what little Jennifer and Firefly did this weekend.  Firefly is a four year old mustang and look how little he is!  He's definitely the perfect size for Jennifer! She loves the little guy.  After she saddles him up and my mom led her around for a little while, she went and gave him a nice long bath to cool off from all this heat we are getting in Texas.

The ingredients to a perfect day...

I don't know if you guys remember Bucephalus, he's my four year old wild mustang I adopted last year from the Bureau of Land Management.  He's doing absolutely spectacular with me now; picking up the correct lead and stopping the second I breath words to stop.  He's really grown attached to me more than any of my horses ever have.  Whenever I go out to the field, I cluck to him and he comes trotting up to me.  That... and we did a lunging routine and when I moved his hind-quarters away from me and ran backwards he ran straight to me!  It was so cool seeing my red-roan, all his attention on me, waiting for me to tell him what to do next.  He is a magnificent horse and always tries his best to please me.  

Every horse has it's pro's and con's, Pilgrim was very lazy, but it only took him once to learn a new thing so the next time I tried doing that trick, it was a piece of cake.  Every horse has a good side and a not-so good side to them.  I wonder what my next yearling will be like?

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