Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 27

So I haven't really told much of anyone who I'm apprenticing this summer, so here they are!  Mark and Miranda Lyons.  Here's a picture of them and their new poster.  They are pretty cool people.  Today the three of us went over to another lady's house so Mark could ride her TIP mustang for her, he was a very hard headed horse.  The pictures of the grey horse are him, he is quite a challenge!  Yet another reason to NOT pick a horse just based on their color.  Although it is not always this shouldn't be the reason you adopted a horse in my opinion.   But Mark hung in there on him!

Jesse did great today!  Jesse walked right up to me for the first time today, usually I just walk up to him.  He really likes grain so after he ate we went to work.  He walked over the tarp like a champ, lunged great, trotted beside me smoothly, and  ended with him jumping beautifully over the barrels.

Mark and Miranda Lyons



He's got the cutest spots on his legs, some white with little black spot on them.

Jumping beside him.

Laying on Jesse rubbing his belly.

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  1. Looks like he is doing very well. Wouldn't want to be on the grey mustang Mark was riding. Yeoww!!