Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 49 Pedestool Success!!!

Jesse did AMAZING today! We accomplished so much.  First we working on our lunging, then we practice on our showmanship, did a little jumping and then tried out the pedestool for the third time.  Yesterday and today were both successful, we got all four feet on the pedestool. Although it was  challenging to get him up there today, with a little bit of practice we ended on a good note.

Jesse would be a great look-out.

All four feet on the pedestool!  Well he was pretty tall before got on the pedestool, now he's  really tall!

Picking up all four feet.

Everyone needs to stretch every once in a while!

I decided I wanted to be the taller one for a change.  (I'm standing on the pedestool.)

Mustang Lovin'

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