Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 37

 Pilgrim jumping two barrels in a row!
 Pilgrim and me practicing trotting in and backing up in a complicated chute...we didn't do so well the first time but after a few tries we figured it out :)
 Pilgrim posing for the camera!
 Jennifer and Magic rolling a barrel...

Meet Bucephalus! Or Bu for short.  The name was Alexander the Great horse who was afraid of his own shadow and none of the noblemen could ride him...Alexander found out what the problem was, hoped on him and rode in towards the sunset.  Similar to Alexander horse, Bu is also a little skidish of himself :) so the name really fit!  This was my first time riding him after being at Teryn Muench's place for a month...I adopted Bu this past December and he's turned out to be a really good mustang and horse :)
First  day in Houston!

This morning's before school session with Pilgrim.

Magic's laying down practice...my 10 year old sister's mustang for the makeover.

Pilgrim chowing down!

Another shot of little Magic laying down...
I haven't updated in a while...been busy working with Pilgrim and keeping up with school work to update my blog.  Pilgrim's been doing wonderfully; he's getting a lot softer when I'm lunging and pivoting him on his hind quarters, lays down whenever I ask him to, stops on command beautifully, still working on making the trotting side-by-side look a little prettier, but i'm sure we'll get there.

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