Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 52

Pilgrim decided to take a tour of our tack room...this was not exactly intended, but the second he found out where the food was being kept he kept coming back for more!

My mother surprised me this weekend by giving me this! It's such a pretty belt buckle and I'm never going to forget training Pilgrim for the mustang makeover :)

So today Pilgrim and I have been working mainly on speeding things up, now that we have all the ground work in place we are working on making everything crisper.  Sidestepping is coming along pretty nicely too!  He's getting super soft with every little command, I'm so impressed of how easily he's learned everything.  I tried getting my 6 year old quarter horse to side-step on the ground and it wasn't nearly as good as Pilgrim's.

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