Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 55

Today my friend Rachel came over to check out Pilgrim.  She like horses just as much as I do and she's also a big gymnastics person.  So I watched her as she did flips off of Pilgrim, and summer saults off his back as he just stood there.  I was pretty impressed with both of them.  Though I personally can not do those things, I know Pilgrim will make a great trick horse now!  Oh I also asked Rachel if she would lay Pilgrim down for me, Pilgrim layed down so fast I thought Rachel had carrots in her back pocket for him!  I was so impressed with my little boy today! Oh we also walked across a plank of wood, at first he thought I just wanted his front feet up there, but one he figured out what I wanted he walked right onto it.  I'll take Pictures soon!

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  1. We went by the lot today to see the horses! All was well. We actually got about 1/2" of rain there about an hour ago!!! They are both such sweet horses! Keep up the amazing job y'all are doing with them! Debby Neumann (sweetie pie is Baileys email!!)