Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 68

This past Saturday I captured Pilgrim on camera while he was laying down...

Sunday was the first time Pilgrim's actually had the tarp on him, we've gone through it while it was hanging up, but i'd never tied it to him.  He didn't seem to care about it very much so we had alot of fun with it.

We were going for the Batman look... unsuccessful but as you can see Pilgrim's care free!

That tarp was so big it was dragging behind Pilgrim.  It suprises me how comfortable he is with all the crazy things we've thrown his way...like tractors, bulldozers, cows, four-wheelers, guns, unicyle's, juggling knives...this horse has seen it all!

I just really liked this picture of my Pilgrim :)

This picture was probably from two weeks ago in Houston. Though he may NEVER look in the camera, this horse knows how to make things look good when he wants to.

Pilgrim's and I had a great weekend and start of a new week! With the competition right around the corner, Pilgrim's been working on his routines including jumps!  He sure can jump for the little horse he is!  Let's hope we get a chance in Tennessee to show everyone what he's made of!

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