Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 69

Pilgrim got an extra long bath today because he worked really hard; and he LOVES water.  I was taking pictures of Pilgrim's conformation, he's a good looking little horse :)

Pilgrim's latest jumping pattern, this morning we tried it with the poles straight there anything this horse can't do?  He jumped over all three jumps in a row with ease!  That little guy sure knows how to flaunt his good side!
So today Pilgrim and I concentrated on jumping, trotting through a pattern of poles and backing up in a straight line.  At first he was super lazy with the barrels, knocking them all over this afternoon but once he figured out what I wanted he was ready to go!  A little girl and her friend came over to meet Pilgrim and she asked me if i could make him sit down for her...nothing warms my heart more than a little girl asking me to do something with Pilgrim, so I laid Pilgrim down right next to her as the two little girls petted my Pilgrim. 

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