Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 48

This mornings experimenting....

Pilgrim has never refused to do anything for me, but even I was a little worried about walking on this bridge.  Pilgrim climbed aboard in 2 seconds!

Pilgrim did great with this bridge! He didn't even notice the rotting possum in the left hand corner of the picture.

There was this rickety bridge when Pilgrim and me went walking, so I decided 'hey...why not give it a shot?' so I got Pilgrim to climb all over that bridge and back up through it. 

A mustang in the big city of Houston....what now?

Pilgrim in the big city...lot's of cars...

My sister Jennifer sitting on her Mustang for the makeover.

My sis sitting on Pilgrim!

My sister Kathryn's first time standing on Pilgrim...

My sis giving Pilgrim a bath...
So it may seem like there's a huge gap in my numbers...i know...sorry, but this is actually the day after the last day I posted!  My little sister Kathryn decided she wanted to try some things on Pilgrim, and before I new it she was doing flips over his back and leaps over him! Pilgrim and me also went on a little adventure today...we decided to tour the neighborhood :) we found some scary things...including a rotting possum...the one thing Pilgrim really despised when we went on our walk was the sewer system...he stayed clear of it!

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