Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 60

This horse NEVER looks at the i really like this picture!

Pilgrim laying down...

I caught him in the act of eating while on the job!

Pilgrim's learning how to walk on this little plank, he walk right across it now, but he doesn't like his picture being taken, every time I pulled out my camera he would get off!  That silly horse!
Wow I can't believe I've had Pilgrim for sixty days...time has gone by so fast!  Pilgrim's a great side-stepper too!  He's learning how to trot while side-stepping now!  It looks so pretty :) I side-stepped him over two sets of calvetti poles, some barrels, and that plank in the above picture!  That horse likes to move his feet!  I think the things he does best would be pivoting and side-stepping.  He also jumps really pretty, climb over anything, is practically bomb-proof(and doggy-proof) I don't know what this horse is afraid of!  I can't wait to show everybody what my little super-star is made of.  With only one month left, the goal is to make everything as crisp and good looking as possible!

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