Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 74 Pilgrim goes to School!

Pilgrim and Me in front of the High School community meeting area!

Though I wasn't prepared for this picture, this is one of my favorite pictures of Pilgrim and me.

I'm standing on Pilgrim inside our high school building and grabbing onto this pole, which I managed to swing off of Pilgrim and onto as we got oooo's and aaaa's from the crowd of students!

Pilgrim bowing for all of my friends to see!

I got to a small Montessori school in Houston called Woods High School.  And every year the student are asked to do a soapbox in which we share something important in our lives and I chose Pilgrim!  I would like to thank my spanish teacher Ms. Mernies for taking these great pictures for me!  Pilgrim even went inside the building where I had him stand on a tarp(just in case he pooped which he didn't) All of my horsey friends were impressed with how calm he was, being inside surrounded by a hundred er so people trying to pet him.  But he held in there!  We even managed to sneak outside and do some of our act for all of my friends to see!

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