Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 79 lazy brother

Pilgrim trying to eat his feed...

My big brother Robert was lazy today, so he made Pilgrim carry his food!
It's hard to believe I've have Pilgrim for almost 80 days now.  Time have really flown by.  In 8 days we pack up and head to Tennessee for the competition against 20 other amazing youth and their mustangs.  Every day the competition gets closer, the more the butterflies fly through me.  I don't know how Pilgrim and I will do in Tennessee, but I know that whatever happens, we did it together the whole way through.  The two of us!  Pilgrim's Pride and Michelle Deden.........wish me luck in Tennesse!

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  1. God Bless!! Hope both you and Jennifer have a great time showing your amazing Mustangs!!