Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 92 The Competition Begins!

My little sister's decorated their horses stall!  Doesn't it look just adorable?

My little sister's and Magic!

Jennifer getting ready for the show with Magic.

Magic and Jennifer in front of their stall...the look so cute!

Pilgrim meets the other competitors!  Julia Farmer and Aspen are another pair  who are going to be in the finals performance tomarow.  Pilgrim's likes Aspen.

Pilgrim's Pride practicing for the show.

Pilgrim and I walking to our first marker i.e. the cone.

Another younth cometitor showing her horse in the showmanship class.  This is Rachel Ward and Doc's Princess Jasmine, they will also be in the finals tomarow.

All of the youth lined up for judging.

Pilgrim's also lined up for judging, but he was just a bit too "relaxed" I saw the problem quickly and soon fixed it.

Julia Farmer and Michelle Deden(me!)

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