Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 84

Here's a sketch of one of our Mustangs, I was sketching some for a Spanish Poem and this one seemed to be on of the best mustang drawings i'd drawn. Minus the nose, i messed up a little.

Pilgrim's tail has grown allot since we picked him up in Oklahoma this past July!  It's now has a gorgeous shine to it!

Pilgrim Girl-i-fied! He looks good in french braids...

I have a neighbor who his kid and him have become very fond of our two little mustangs.  Today he gave me this beautiful bible, I will always cherish this and remember them and the times I had with Pilgrim.
Pilgrim's been doing excellent the past couple of days, he's finally filling out a little bit more and looks show-worthy!  With all of one week left before we compete, i have 4 more days to work with it still feels like I just picked him up in the holding facility yesterday.  It will be different without him around.  There's one thing about him that i've never seen any other horse do before, he sometimes forgets to swallow his saliva and then all of a sudden he opens his mouth and a pool spit lands all over my arm!

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