Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 72

So this past Saturday I took some horses to our church arena while my mother was in a bible class and one of them was my horse Rascal to practice the barrels with.

Pilgrim also went to the church arena.  This church that we are at is called Cowboy Church of Leon County.  Because I don't have an arena of my own, I went to the church to practice my routine.  Pilgrim seemed to have lot's of energy the whole time we were there! In this picture we are laying down together.

We made the newspaper! So if you live in East Texas or Centerville, go pick up a copy of the Centerville News and Farm and Ranch newspapers!

Pilgrim walking through one of the fallen down tree's at our place.

Pilgrim giving my little sister a kiss!!!

That's my little sister and her horse for the makeover, Magic!  And of course she's holding my Pilgrim :)  both of which will be available for adoption in Tennessee.

Priceless expressions...

My sister Kathryn and I call this one "Bragging Rights"

Pilgrim sidestepping over a barrel, it was really challenging because the barrel didn't quite fit under him and if he bumped it, it would move.  But he figured it our quickly!
Pilgrim's been doing really well lately, we've been working on our finals performance and making sure everything is really crisp for the finals.  Pilgrim and Magic both got their feet trimmed again today and they both did great at standing still while the farrier trimmed them!  Pilgrim's turned out to be an awesome little horse.  Can't wait to see what i can make of him in Tennessee!

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