Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 87

Magic in front of the Mustang Makeover Sign.

Magic meets the Tarp!

Meet Carly!  She's the daughter of a famous Baseball player named Lance Berkman.  And she met Pilgrim yesterday morning when I was in the PSAT.  When I had come back it was like a little angel had come over!  She had cleaned their pen and Pilgrim looked super content when I came to see him!  Pilgrim and Carly get along really well so thing morning I let her sit on him.  But she didn't stop there, she insisted on doing everything I did with him.  So I taught her how to stand on Pilgrim's butt, and jump barrels, and even showed her how to make him side-step!  She seemed like the happiest girl in the world!  Pilgrim liked her too!  We leave for our long journey to TN on Tuesday.  And so begin's Pilgrim's last days with me...with less than a week 'till the competition, I'm sure Pilgrim's going to make a good name for all of the Mustangs out there!  Just look at 8 year old little Carly!  That horse did everything for her and I'm sure he's going to make one very lucky family very happy too!

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