Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pilgrim's Freestyle Performance & Carly's new horse...

Youth Competitors Finals Performance

Me standing on Pilgrim's Pride in my freestyle performance.

Pilgrim's Pride jumping over the barrels in our freestyle performance.

Pilgrim's Pride with his new family Carly Berkman (the girl sitting on him) I know she'll love him as much as I have. Carly loves her new horse...
Here's a link to a clip of my finals performance, although we didn't win it, Pilgrim's Pride gave a horse and a half out there I couldn't have asked for a better horse and he's got a great horse now with Carly daughter of Lance Berkman, the guy who plays for the Cardinals that won the World Series yesterday.  I know she loves him as much as I do and I know he'll never be lonely with her by his side.  They make a perfect pair.

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