Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 3

Still haven't named him...he's doing just absolutely fabulous!  He didn't like the flag very much, but he adjusted to it being near him soon enough.  Today we worked on movements.  I taught Mr. how to pivot on his hind-quarters and his forequarter, back up, and leave at a trot on lunging.  My yearling is great at pivoting!  For the first time pivoting and he's already getting 3-4 steps easy both directions I consider that pretty good!  Can't wait to see what great things he'll do for me in the weeks to come!

He didn't like the flag very much.

Mister has quite the kick when he's scared of something, but I'd rather him paw at that flag then my body.

Maybe it's not so bad?

Next comes the saddle blanket!

For the third day he's doing pretty good!  We did a little lunging with the saddle.

We jumped twice with the saddle on, both times he gave a little buck with it.

Didn't leave the saddle on very long since he's still a baby. 

Mustang smooches!!!

Mister and Me.

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