Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 9

Twain was on his toes today, his responsiveness to my cue's has expanded to even greater heights.  This morning I tied him away from his buddies to try to make his attention more on me than Hoof Prince and my mother's mustang.  Twain was tied for about an hour while I exercised my other horses.  When I went to check on him, he neighed with delight at me so I untied him and we went for a walk around our property.  On our walk Mr. Twain's focus never swerved from me so when I saw some logs I decided to test out how responsive he really was.  Just like the barrels on Day's two and three, I pointed at the logs and sure enough he popped right over them!  He's an amazing jumper and really collects himself nicely.  After our little log adventure with the fallen down tree's I headed towards Folly Lake.  Folly Lake is really just a pond that got the name Folly from our mule Folly.  At the pond I yet again tested Mark Twain's willingness to go where I ask him.  This time re was a little more reluctant to get his feet wet, but in a matter of minutes he was standing patiently in the water, taking in a few gulps while swishing his tail happily.  Twain is definitely a keeper!  After saying good-bye to my beloved Pilgrim I'm going to try my hardest to hold onto my Mark.
Mr. Twain's freeze-brand.
How to read Mark Twain's freeze-brand.

In this picture he was a little nervous with my stick and stick.
Twain's still a little weary, but he's still stands still, what a good boy!

Calm and Relaxed...

I never knew a mustang could have such wonderful conformation!  He really is something else!

This picture really describes my yearling, "Hey what's that?"  He's a horse that is extremely aware of his surroundings.

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