Friday, May 11, 2012

Pick-up Day!

My yearling running through the shoots at the holding facility.
 Today's the day we picked up our new mustangs.  We arrived at the holding facility an hour before scheduled time to discover we were already 6th in line for loading up our horses!  Wow some people really got there early!  About an hour and a half later we loaded our horses up and headed back to start training!

Jennifer's horse who she named Hoof Prince!

The 1st time I tried to touch him.

From Wild... Willing.
 Overall my yearling did awesome on his first day in this brand new world!  Haven't decided on a name for him so until then I'll just refer to him as Mr.  Mr. is turning out to be a pretty smart horse so far, he let me pet him all over today!  I can't wait to see how he'll do in the days to come!

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