Monday, May 28, 2012

Itinerary: Days 10 - 19

Day 10 : Big Brother graduates
Day 11-15 : Finals Week and Current Issue Paper for MHF
Day 16 & 17 : Little Sister's Ballet Recital "Alice In Wonderland"
Day 18: Load the new mustangs and head to Whitesboro, Texas
Day 19: Head to Nebraska

This has pretty much  been my schedule for the past week.  Sleep has been removed from my schedule almost entirely!  After working with my mustang on Day 9, my family and I headed back to town to get ready for my big brother's graduation.  Then I jumped right into finals week with side-typing of papers for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.  Just as I had said before, SCHOOL COMES FIRST.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  And sure enough all the hard work I had done all year long paid off with straight A's for my whole junior year of High School!  After school let out for the summer, it was on to back stage help for the biggest ballet performance on of my sister's has ever had.  She had the lead role as Alice in "Alice in Wonderland."  She did a fabulous job at it too!  After her two night performances with a little hair styling help from her big sister (ME!) we headed back up to the ranch and I finally got to see my yearling again.  But shortly after heading up there we were moving again.  We dropped two of my sisters off at camp and then the rest of the family went to Whitesboro with me and our mustangs.

I have failed to mention that I get to apprentice great people and horse trainers.  I said my farewells to my family and then we headed to Nebraska.  Here are some of the pictures of my moms and sister's mustangs, I can't wait to see what they'll look like after a couple months on good feed and a little training on them will do!

My mom named him Justin Time, can't wait to see what great food and care will turd him into!

My yearling neighing good-bye to his buddies.

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